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Title Preparing for the Action Plans on Post-2020 Climate Change Regime in Asia
Date Dec 11, 2015


Preparing for the Action Plans on

Post-2020 Climate Change Regime in Asia


Official Side Event of the UNFCCC COP21

December 11, 2015 - Paris, France





CSDLAP, Climate Change Center and Freie Universitat Berlin co-hosted an official side event at the COP21 discussing the Actions Plans on Post-2020 Climate Change Regime in Asia.




Opening Remarks:

Duck-soo Han (Director of Climate Change Center, Former Prime Minister of ROK)


Suh-Yong Chung (Director of CSDLAP, Professor at Korea University)


Haibin Zhang (Peking University & Member of Global Advisory Board of CSDLAP)

John Byrne (Director an Professor at University of Delaware)

Oliver Lah (Professor at Freie Universitat Berlin)

Richie Ahuja (Regional Director of Asia at EDF)



- Haibin Zhang talked about the shift towards low carbon society in China along with a focus on transparency and responsibility in terms of environment and climate change.  Professor Zhang drew attention to the strengthening of regional epistemic community, as well as sharing of knowledge and experience within the region.


- John Byrne shared research results on solar energy use in 6 highly populated cities, including Seoul and Tokyo. He emphasized the need for participation of private sector, reduction of installation costs and policies for building energy efficiency improvement.


- Oliver Lah exmined the case of “Sustain EU-ASEAN”, which created a knowledge base for increased joint research and mutual exchange of information.


- Richie Ahuja presented on the climate change response in rural areas. By sharing the cases of India and Vietnam, he stressed the importance of the rural population in tackling climate change, and said that EDF needs to strengthen cooperation within the South Asia and Southeast Asia region.