Research, ideas, and interdisciplinary approach
for low-carbon and sustainable development​


We are living a world of global challenges as the number of human population grows and the scale of human economic activities become larger. Adverse impact of climate change and other environment problems often become a source of threats to the peace and prosperity of the world. If human beings do not want to sacrifice our benefits from the economic activity, we must find a better way of ensuring sustainable development while decreasing diminishing threats of environmental harms. This will be only achieved through a better coordination of policies supported by better understanding on the real world as well as more creative ideas in addressing the issues.

In order to provide adequate answers, both theoretical and practical, to these questions, the Center for Climate and Sustainable Development Law and Policy (CSDLAP) was established in 2010 . Under the Seoul International Law Academy, which is registered under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and has more than twenty years history as a primary research organization among the international law scholars in Korea, CSDLAP purses an interdisciplinary approach from legal, economic, politics and other perspectives.

All the interested scholars, policy makers and other related organizations are welcomed to work together with CSDLAP for the improved peace and prosperity of the world.

Suh-Yong chung

Director, Center for Climate and Sustainable Development Law and Policy