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Category Seminar
Title Green Detente Experts Roundtable
Date Wed, Sep 11, 2013




Green Detente Experts Roundtable



-Date: September 11th 2013 (Wednesday)


- Place: CSDLAP


-Working Language: KOREAN



o Introductory Remarks : Suh-Yong Chung (Director, Center for Sustainable Development Law and Policy)


o Congratulatory Remarks : Eui-Chan Jeon (President, Korean Society of Climate Change Research)


o Moderator: Sang-Hyup Kim (Former Presidential Secretary for Green Growth, Visiting Professor KAIST)


  Utilize International Organizations to address issues related with North Korea
    (Sun-Yong Chung, Korea University)

  Environmental Issues in North Korea
    (Jang Min Chu, Korea Environment Institute)


  Introduction of Green Growth Planning of Global Green Growth Institute
    (Myung Kyoon Lee, Global Green Growth Institute)


  Green D?tente as a Strategy towards North Korea
    (Kyuryoon Kim, Korea Institute for National Unification)


  Issues on Reforestation in North Korea
    (Seong-il Kim, Seoul National University)

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